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General rule

Dog          > dogs

house       > houses

tree           > trees

toy            > toys

Johnson   > the Johnsons

Nouns ending in: o, ch, sh, ss, and x

tomato      > tomatoes

watch       > watches

brush       > brushes

kiss          > kisses

box          > boxes

Nouns ending in: Y and after a consonant

baby        > babies

country    > countries

body        > bodies

Nouns ending in: F or fe

calf           > calves

elf             > elves

half           >halves

knife         > knives

Some nouns that Change vowel(s):

tooth         > teeth

foot           > feet

goose       > geese

man          > men

Some nouns:

child         > children

ox             > Oxen

Foreign or abbreviated nouns ending in O:

dynamo    > dynamos

piano        > pianos

photo        > photos

Add "S" to the singular

Add "es"

Change "y" for "ies"

Change "f" or "fe" for "ves"

"Vocal" Changed

Add "en" 

Only add "S"

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